The connections between the environment and information technology have never been more important. A key strand of this year’s Futuresonic festival in Manchester, looks at Environment 2.0.

There will be a range of speakers from different disciplines discussing throughout the Social Technologies Summit, as well as a number of fascinating mass participation projects.

Climate Bubbles is a bubble blowing game that “enables people across the city of Manchester to test air flow circulation, and by sharing the results online, enable the Met Office to get a snapshot of the Urban Heat Island phenomenon”, whilst Biotagging Manchester creates an opportunity “to discover and map the city’s urban wildlife in new ways.”

On Saturday 16th May, an Environment 2.0 “unConference” provides an open forum for discussions and debates about the interface between environment and information technology.

One of the work packages on the PEPESEC project is concerned with how “intelligent systems” can help provide better information and better engagement around environmental and energy efficiency issues within cities. The Environment 2.0 strand at Futuresonic will give some useful and imaginative pointers to how Web 2.0 tools and techniques can help achieve a more energy efficient city.

The Futuresonic festival and conference runs from 13th-16th May, and even if you can’t attend, follow what’s going on via their website or by searching for the Twitter hashtag #futr09

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The 18th to the 20th March saw the accomplishment of another PEPESEC study tour in the Greek suburb, Amaroussion.  The first day involved a very constructive meeting where all partners gave a progress update of their specified work package with the inclusion of energy planning within their municipality.  The second day was a chance to [...]

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With the Katowice study tour just around the corner, PEPESEC partners get themselves prepared to travel.
The event will taking place on 22nd to 24th April where the PEPESEC project meeting will occur giving partners the chance to exchange thoughts and discuss progress with regards to their specified work package.  In addition, a study tour will [...]

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The PEPESEC Knowledge Base Website is now soon to be uploaded.  It currently hosts  over 150 energy case studies from all around Europe.
Below is a taster of what the website will look like:-

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Since the launch of the project,  the PEPESEC partners have been busy collating existing learning on energy projects within their municipalities.  These will in the form of case studies which will be uploaded onto  a purposely built knowledge base.  The first stage of this will be taking place in the week beginning the 15th December [...]

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On the 16th and 17th October 2008 PEPESEC Partners were welcomed to Murcia, South Spain.

The Partners were here to view the Energy Planning Projects in the region. The Study tour was started with presentations on Sustainable Urban Mobility, Strategy for Public Transport, Bio-diesel Project, Introduction of Cycling as an Alternative to motorized Transport, along with [...]

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The next partners meeting and study visit has been scheduled for Thursday 16th and Friday 17th of October 2008 in Murcia, Spain.  This will give the PEPESEC partners a chance to find what  sustainable/renewable energy initiatives are ocurring in Murica.  Adding to this will be a project partners meeting, along with a project workshop with [...]

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On the 25th and 26th June PEPESEC Partners were welcomed to Greater Manchester to sample the highlights of Energy Planning, the Manchester and Oldham Way!

The partners were also able to sample Manchester summer time! (Umbrellas were required!)

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The project Partners Meeting and PEPESEC Study Visit has been scheduled for the 25th and 26th June 2008 and will be held in Manchester. The visit will include an Introduction to Energy Planning the Manchester and Oldham Way, a study tour of some of the related Sustainable/renewable projects underway or being developed in Greater Manchester [...]

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The first project study visit to Malmö, Sweden, which took place on 9th-11th of June 2008, was a success thanks to the hard work and innovative thinking of our Swedish partners; The City of Malmö and Skåne energy Agency (SEA).

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One of the first phases of the PEPESEC Project is developing an effective “Knowledge Base”. In other words a collection of facts, experiences and lessons learnt in relation to implementing Local Energy planning, creating Sustainable Energy Communities (SEC), etc across Europe. Once the best examples have been identified these can be used to help overcome the challenges and barriers related to the above and establishing new and innovative ways of approaching this task. The aim of this is to provoke a common understanding between all the PEPESEC Partners.

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As part of the PEPESEC Project all the Project Partners are going to attend a project meeting, study tour and training seminar in Malmö, Sweden. This will be the first project meeting since the Project Launch meeting which took place in Manchester on 25th January 2008 and the first of 6 planned study visits to the participating partner’s city-regions.

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Partnership Energy Planning as a tool for realising European Sustainable Energy Communities

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