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By Adrian Slatcher

The PEPESEC website is now a Legacy website as the project finished in June 2010. Information about the project has been changed to reflect this.

In addition, we have simplified the way to find your way round the site through the creation of a “Best Practice” section which is in itself separated into the various countries involved in the project.

Here you can find all the relevant information from each country – including some common resources, such as Best Practice guide, and links to the G.R.I.P. tool, as well as country specific case studies, summaries of PEPESEC activities in partner languages and information about the Energy Plans conducted in each country.

The project is now closed. However you can contact the project lead, Manchester Digital Development Agency (MDDA), part of Manchester City Council, at the following email:

Partnership Energy Planning as a tool for realising European Sustainable Energy Communities

Contract No: EIE-07-179-S12.466281

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